Futuwwa Course Material | Slough, 2016

BismiAllah was-salatu ‘ala Rasul Allah ﷺ
Below is some materials for the attendants. Just click on the link and the file will open insha Allah.


1. Notebook

– made available in print onsite, containing

  • Our doors are open
  • The Basics of Tasawwuf
  • The Hadith of Mercy
  • Futuwwa: Brotherhood for Allah
  • The Mother
  • Repent
  • The Secrets of tawhid (excerpt)
  • Drink of Love (excerpt)
  • A greeting
  • Prayers to see the the Prophet in a dream

2. Qasidas by Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

full text in arabic & english

3. Other Qasidas

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