Material for Children’s Mawlid

BismiAllah was-salatu ‘ala Rasul Allah ﷺ

Below is some material for children to practice for the Ruby Mawlid in Slough on Dec 11, 2016. Just click on the link and the file will open insha Allah.

  1. Quran: Selected Ayat about the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
  2. Hadith: Al-Shamail – The Noble Features of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
  3. Shifa al-Qulub: Prayer for seeing the Prophet ﷺ
  4. Dalail al-Kharyat: Names of the Prophet ﷺ
  5. Poetry Line: Muhammad ﷺ is a Ruby 
  6. Qasida: Tala’al-badru Alayna
  7. Qasida: The Love of Muhammad
  8. Qasida: Salawat al-Nur with poetry
  9. Qasida: Salawat al-Nur (salawat only)
  10. Qasida: Bushra-lana
  11. Qasida: Jadd al Husayn + Inna fil Janna



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