Qasida: Al-Fiyashiyya – “Simple Aqida”

Here is a a beautiful moroccan rendering:

…and you can sing the English text if you like 🙂

A servant I am of of the powerful Lord * By Him eve’ry difficult matter I solved
Although I’m a weak and incapable slave * My Lord has command over everything

Nothing am I, but my Master’s slave * All things are pre-destined by Him without a doubt.
My Lord looks after me – for me is no regard * He made me from a drop in my mother’s womb.

To create a thing. He says “Be” and it is * From nothing he brings life, and creates anew
He runs His creation with wisdom and skill * And rules in His Kingdom according to his Will

In darkness of the womb, he shaped me from drop * He gave me from His grace , all favours pure and good
Created food and water, and gave all luxuries * I came down all naked – He clothed and covered me

And then he continues to cover me up * All praise be to Him, all-Knowing, all-Wise
To me is no power nor ability * Except through Allah, Most High and Great

We have but nakedness, of nothing we know * Allah out of His Grace , gave nourishment and life
Made milk and honey flow, for drink and nourishment * Spread Earth out like a carpet, raised like a roof the sky

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